Spin-Off Investment System™ Outperforms the Pros

1. Spin-Offs Outperform: Over 50 years of data and academic research robustly confirm the consistent outperformance of corporate spin-offs. Our system has been demonstrated to outperform the S&P 500 by over 25% p.a. for 15 years*

2. Systematic Investment Approach: eliminates investment fear and removes all emotion involved in the investment entry and exit decisions with a back-tested and optimized system*

3. Power of Compounding: $100,000 invested with the Spin-Off Investment System™ on Jan. 1st, 2000 would be worth $5,252,948 as of April 30th 2015 vs. $191,887 with the S&P 500*

4. Stop-Loss Protection: results in lower annual volatility (risk) e.g. 18.1% vs. 20.2% for the S&P with significantly reduced drawdowns (Max. DD of -29.8% vs. -55.6% for the S&P) and reduced recovery times in market crash periods (2000, 2008)*

5. Consistency: reduced drawdowns, lower volatility and higher returns mean the System has outperformed more than 90% of all other mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs (Source: The 20-Year Performance Of Hedge Funds And The S&P 500 Are Almost Identical, Walter Kurtz, Sober Look, August 12th, 2013)*

6. Maintain Control at All Times: our subscribers to our Market Report™ and Spin-Off Investment System Portfolio Update Alert Service™ are fully responsible for their investments (money) and their trade decisions using their own brokerage accounts

7. Transparency: Subscription fee you pay us, and your brokerage fees, are 100% transparent

8. Lower Fees: our subscription fee is a fraction of what a hedge fund or actively managed equity ETF would charge (subject to account size)

9. Any Type and Size of Investor May Subscribe: You do not need to be an accredited investor

10. Rigorous Back-Testing and Optimization: by world-class quantitative research hedge fund professionals using over 15 years of data

11. Wide and Pre-Qualified Opportunity Set: Our Spin-Off Investor Corporate Action Selector™ screens daily for all announced and upcoming Spin-Offs and pre-qualifies these to ensure they meet the security selection parameters of the System. We endeavour to ensure our subscribers never miss an opportunity

12. Optimized Position Sizing and Trailing Stop-Loss: in every Spin-Off investment made by the System, our proprietary risk management parameters are in-place to maximise reward/risk and protect account equity substantially in a market crash

13. Easy-To-Use: our Spin-Off Investment System Portfolio Update Alert Service updates are distributed before the market open and usually there are no more than 3 to 7 Updates per month. Orders are long-only U.S. equity purchases and sales

14. Instant Liquidity: Spin-Off investments entered by the System always have reasonable market liquidity. A subscriber using the System can always simply instruct their broker (or execute themselves online in their brokerage account) to liquidate their investments at any time during regular market hours


*see disclaimer at foot of page


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